Family & Community Health

Family & Community Health – Ward County, TX

Extension Family & Community Health or FCH, offers programs to help your family with raising children, your home environment, eating well, food preservation, being healthy, managing your money, keeping food safe, and making the most of your family’s time and resources.

Major Programming in Ward County includes:

  • Food Protection Management
  • Healthy Lifestyles (Family Mealtime, DoWell BeWell with Diabetes)
  • Better Living for Texans


Be YOUtiful Pre-teen Girls Clinic

This one day clinic that is available to girl in the Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth grades. Throughout the day girls are asked to participate in six different break out sessions. This year the girls learned about the following: Personal Appearance, Financial Security, Physical Fitness, Pre-Teen Health, and Religion. The goal is to give the girls tools to help empower themselves and to always uphold a postivie self-image.

As a result of participating in the Be Youtiful Clinic:
➢ A 7th grader wrote, “I really enjoyed today! I understand that you need to meet the standards inside.”
➢ All the girls came to the assumption to loves ones-self, they need to respectful to each other, and never doubt anything about yourself.

Participants indicated the most important thing they learned at the Clinic was:
➢ “No to be rude”
➢ “Be the best you, you can be”
➢ “If God can make the un-walkable walk then he can help me do the impossible”
➢ “How to be respectful and to treat others the way I want to be treated”


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